When properly executed, woodwork alters the atmosphere of the interiors. The wood used for one purpose has a different quality compared to the wood used for another. Wood is vulnerable to termite or fungus attacks. Our devoted woodwork experts correctly point out that both residential and commercial woodwork should be completed with attention to quality.

Sanitary and plumbing

Bathroom renovation is our area of expertise, and we refer to bathrooms as glamorous rooms. Of course, our partnership with Parryware & Roca qualifies us as specialists in plumbing and sanitary solutions. We don’t just build a nice bathroom; we also maintain the existing one and carry out renovation work.


We provide comprehensive advice for both interior and exterior lighting.

Lighting is crucial to the design of a space. A well-designed lighting scheme has the power to beautify areas and produce environments that uplift the spirits of those who occupy them.

The Inner Space also has business relationships with lighting manufacturers Philips and our Light lounge that enable it to offer specially made lighting fixtures in colors, materials, intensities, and styles that go with the intended interior decoration of the room.

False ceiling

You can find the best false ceiling interior designers in Chennai with the designs you love. People first notice the ceiling when they enter a building because it provides the clearest view of the space. It needs to be organized creatively. We improve the roof design because it draws the attention of viewers and charms them.


Defining the type of flooring appropriate for the space is crucial because flooring is another crucial component of interior design. Being a well-known interior design firm in Chennai, We provide clients with the highest caliber flooring that complements the rest of the interior designs.


In interior design, accessories help to finish the look. They thus aid in the synchronization and equilibration of the other components of a room. The right accessories positioned correctly add color, texture, shine, and punches to a space and is frequently the finishing touch on a design concept. We have accessories for kitchen, bedrooms, and all other home and business needs, including tall units, pottery, dressing, and other items.


Use these stylish and creative wall painting ideas from us to add color to the interior walls of your home. Thanks to Inner Space, your house can become a color scheme that reflects your style and personality. We will incorporate colors that define your home’s style, whether informal or formal. These colors and wall paint designs will give your home a lively appearance.