What We Do

Our main goal is to develop a creative solution for designing interiors that perfectly balance form and function. To ensure that all interior design projects are completed and go above and beyond the client’s expectations, Inner Space emphasizes administration simplicity and deliberate planning of all activities.

Home Interior

We are the most affordable home interior designers and decorators.

Pooja room

Due to the limited space, creating a Pooja room may be challenging in a home or apartment. However, many of our customers need pooja units that can be mounted in living rooms. The design may vary depending on the size and requirements. It ought to coordinate with the primary design theme of the living room.


Commercial interior

Selecting a skilled commercial interior designer in Chennai will allow you to get the unique themes and best designs for your commercial space.

The core of every successful business is a strong interior. The office interior design at Inner Space gives your workplace a classy touch to boost productivity and reflect your brand.

Of late, having a well-designed commercial space has become essential. Proper space planning is crucial for ensuring employee and customer satisfaction, whether in the workplace or retail establishments.

Therefore, we must carefully consider implementing all physical and environmental aspects of commercial real estate properties. Commercial interior design is useful in this situation. Most interior design companies provide design services for commercial spaces to ensure an elegant, fashionable, and welcoming atmosphere.

Specialty Restroom

Bathroom interior design and furnishing are areas in which our professionals have extensive experience. Conceptualization, space planning, site inspection, material specifications, material procurement, material installation, and management all aspects of the multifaceted profession of bathroom interior design. Our interior designers have in-depth knowledge and experience in construction techniques, building regulations, and safety concerns. Space planning, color scheme selection, furniture selection, and window treatment selection are among the services we provide to our clients. We also offer guidance on architectural elements like lighting and flooring. The toilet is built into the wall, and the shower is divided into two sections: one for head showering and the other for body showering.


To give each bathroom a luxurious, unique feel, we combine functionality with eye-catching aesthetics while using high-quality bathroom sanitary ware, brassware, and decorative tile finishes. Our exquisite designs are unique and flexible to visualize your space accurately.